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Serensia Woods Fitness Center has more than 1000 square meters of space, with complete facilities and attentive service, to meet your various fitness needs. All exercise spaces face the sea and the garden, allowing you to feel the beauty of nature while working out. The fitness center includes a gym, a functional fitness room, a Pilates and spinning room, a yoga and personal training room, a physical therapy room, etc. The equipment in the gym is from the well-known American brand Life Fitness, and the treadmills have advanced shock absorption technology to protect your joints and muscles. We have a professional team of coaches to provide you with professional advice and personalized training plans to help you achieve your goals.

In addition, we also offer a variety of classes, including aerobic, anaerobic, yoga, stretching, core training, etc., as well as special traditional Chinese medicine exercise classes, such as Five Animal Frolics, Eight Pieces of Brocade, Six Healing Sounds Qigong, etc. These classes can regulate blood circulation, balance yin and yang, enhance immunity and improve stress resistance.

SerensiaWoods’s oval-shaped swimming pool is a highlight of the entire park. Located in the center of the garden, one side is a curved spa center, and the other side is surrounded by subtropical gardens. The pool is 50 meters long and 22 meters wide, suitable for both lane practice and landscape and entertainment. There is also a children’s shallow water area, where families, girlfriends, or sports enthusiasts who love swimming can enjoy their own time.

The center is also suitable for hosting various types of corporate team building, events, seminars, workshops, etc.
providing you with professional and comfortable venues and services.

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Core muscle activation

The core muscle group is often assumed to be the abdominal muscles, but this is not the case. It contains more deep muscles, which protect the lumbar spine, stabilize the hip joint and play a role in connecting the whole body. It seems very complicated, but it is actually a completely different feeling when doing it. Fully activating the core muscle group can share the pressure on the waist from sitting for a long time in daily life, improve the bad habits of everyday life, and ultimately show a more energetic self in sports. This class is not limited by age, and everyone will benefit greatly and learn different skills.
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Shoulder stability training

Relieve and solve shoulder problems. Whether it is Rotator cuff, tendon inflammation or bursitis, all need to correct the movement mode, use the muscles correctly to relieve joint pressure, and improve ligament strength. Simple training can learn you how to control your body, improve the bad habits of movement in life, achieve the effect of training our nervous system and muscle tissue allocation ability, and ultimately achieve the effect of staying away from injuries and injury recovery.
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Liuzijue-The Six Healing Sounds Qigong

Liuzijue is a traditional Qigong exercise that originated in the Western Han dynasty (202 BCE) and involves the coordination of movements and breathing patterns with six specific sounds: Xu, He, Hu, Si, Chui, Xi – each of which is associated with an organ. This exercise may be used to heal the body, restore Yin-Yang balance, enhance Qi flow and promote mind-body wellness.
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Wuqinxi -Five Animals Exercise

Developed over 2000 years ago by the famous Chinese physician Hua Tuo, Wuqinxi is a traditional exercise comprising of movements that imitate five animals—the Tiger, Deer, Bear, Monkey and Bird. These movements incorporate Daoyin (deep stretching) and Tu Na (deep breathing), and are effective for enhancing the flow of Qi and promoting general wellbeing.
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Baduanjin-The Eight Silken Movements

Baduanjin is an exercise for training the body and consists of eight separate movements to promote the flow of the body’s Qi and vital energy. In doing so, the Baduanjin movements restore healthy metabolic function and strengthen the body.
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Full Body Stretching Training

Full-body stretching exercises can improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility, speed up blood circulation and increase body temperature, thereby reducing muscle viscosity and preventing sports injuries. It includes dynamic functional training, static functional training, plus some golden stretching exercises to stretch the whole body.
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