Wellness Services

The Serensia Woods Wellness Center shifts from the outdated “reactive” disease-care model to a more “proactive” approach to maintaining wellness. We task ourselves with combatting suboptimal health, preventing disease and ultimately, the prolongation of wellbeing. 

Serensia Woods is where east meets west, modern meets traditional. We unite multiple health disciplines in one destination, and strongly believe in leveraging wisdoms from different branches of knowledge for better results and quicker healing. 

We have an extensive selection of treatments and wellness programs including sleep management, weight management, detox, gut health repair, vision care, cardiovascular care, anti-aging etc. In addition, we offer rehabilitation programs focused on post-cancer, post-surgery and post-natal recovery. 

For those who are looking for a wellness vacation, please check-out our wellness retreats. If you are interested in our medical health management treatments and programs, please browse our wellness departments below to learn more.

Our wellness Departments

Upcoming Services

.Immunology Regenerative Clinic

.Aesthetics Dermatology Clinic