Functional Medicine Clinic

Our Functional Medicine Clinic represents the pinnacle of wellness and anti-ageing medicine. Renouncing the outdated, symptom-based treatment modalities of the traditional approach, our functional medicine model focuses on preventing disease and in cases where it has occurred, we identify and treat its root cause.

The clinic boasts a series of advanced screening technologies as well as a comprehensive selection of lab tests, which enable early detection of underlying imbalances–sometimes even long before a symptom forms. Clients are prescribed personalized treatment plans for effective prevention or reversal of common lifestyle diseases.

In addition, we specialize in healing many non-disease complaints that are often ignored or insufficiently addressed in the conventional setting. This category includes our therapies on sleep improvement, de-stress, detox, digestive care, menopause and andropause management etc. In the absence of disease, it is our ultimate goal to delay ageing. We offer many anti-aging strategies, including programs on immune boosts, male and female rejuvenation, cellular revival

Services and Treatments

• HRA—3D Health Assessment
• HRV—Stress Analysis
• Colonics
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
• Energy Lounger
• Brain Gut Healing System

• Brain Health Assessment
• Brain Training Session
• Ozone Therapy
• Microcirculation Repair
• Leaky Gut Analysis
• Sleep Lab

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