Ultimate Four-Hand

Ultimate Four-Hand Indulgence | Body balancing and re-invigoration 

4 Hours

Experience this journey to harmonize the body and the mind. This journey starts with an aromatherapy bath to make you feel relaxed, followed by a scented sea salt scrub to remove dead skin cells and revitalize your whole body. You then enter the high light of the journey where two therapists work together to bring you the ultimate massage experience. At the ringing of the singing bowl, four synchronized hands move skillfully around your body, easing away muscle tension and bring peace to your mind. After a full 120-minute massage, you will be served with a light meal or afternoon tea set in your private Serensia Hut or Garden. 

  • 60mins Aromatic Steam and Bath & Sea Salt and Mineral Scrub 
  • 120mins Four Hands Massage with Singing Bowl Therapy 
  • Light Meal/Afternoon Tea 

4200+ RMB