Detox & Purification

Detox & Purification | Increase circulation and boost immunity

4 Hours

This detox ritual begins in your Serensia Hut’s private steam room. Gentle steam opens up your pores and increases your blood circulation in order to facilitate the release of toxins. The next step is a gentle body scrub followed by our immune boosting mud body wrap to draw out impurities from the skin. As you rest in the body wrap, our therapist will apply light pressure points to your face, neck and scalp, making you feel further relaxed. The detox program concludes with a lymphatic drainage massage to activate release of toxins from your body. After the detox program, you will be served with a light meal or afternoon tea set in your private hut or garden. 

  • 60mins Private Steam & Body Scrub 
  • 60min Detoxifying Body Wrap & Scalp and Neck Massage 
  • 60mins Lymphatic Drainage Massage 
  • Light Meal/Afternoon Tea 

3600+ RMB