Serensia Woods
3-1 Signature Massage

Serensia Woods 3-1 Signature Massage

90mins | 120mins

This signature massage of Serensia Woods is aimed at targeting the deeper tissue structures of muscle and connective tissue. Using a combination of Aromatherapy, Thai and Swedish massage techniques and our signature essential oils, this intense massage treatment will release chronic muscle tension, knots and adhesion’s in order to increase flexibility and release deep tension. Our Signature Camellia oil is blended into your choice of essential oil for your massage. Camellia oil is high in both vitamin E and omega-9 & 3, which is not only ideal for your skin to retain a youthful appearance, but also helps your muscles relax. Depending on the type of essential oil used, some benefits include positive effects to your mood, pain alleviation, energy boosting effects and the enhancement of your immune system. 

It is recommended for sports enthusiasts as well as those who experience chronic pain or are involved in heavy physical activity. 

90 minutes 1480+ RMB
120 minutes 1980+ RMB