Heat, Water and Relaxation by StarPool

The word SPA comes from the Latin term “Solus per aqua” and its translated as “health from water.” Thermal bathing and hot/cold therapy using water experiences have a long history, dating back to Ancient Roman times in the West and Ancient Japan in the East. The Roman baths were designed for bathing and relaxation while the ancient Greek used mineral baths for healing and detoxification. At Serensia Woods, we provide you a new way to experience wellness and the benefits of the hydrotherapy to your body. Our facilities and equipment are from
Starpool, an Italian company specializing in the design and realization of wellness and spa facilities for 45 years. Join us on the pathway toward perfect health founded on ancient traditions and leading technology.

Facilities included:

Mediterranean Bath
The Mediterranean bath creates an environment with milder temperatures (45-50oC) and humidity (55-65%) rates. This high humidity steam room, allow you to envelop in heat while sweating slowly so that it softens and balance the skin while eliminating the metabolic waste and excessive liquid in the body for an overall relaxation. It can also help eliminating fat accumulation with a minimum stay of 30 minutes.

Featuring with a temperature of 80 – 90oC and a relative humidity of 10 – 20%, this heat therapy has many healing benefits, including reducing stress, calming the mind and improving muscle function and recovery. In addition to being a relaxing way to end a workout, saunas help to improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure and enhance heart function as the heat helps widen blood vessels.

Steam Bath
The temperature of Steam bath is warm, approximately 45 oC and humidity is high, up to 98%, the steam mist and water droplets resting on the body gives a purification to the skin. Steam baths has the benefits of renewing the skin while it gives a deep cleansing effect to the skin tissues. The inhalation of the scented steam also help softens the respiratory tract and give a psycho-physical relaxation.

Water Paradise
Featuring a blend of four different showers in the path, this water paradise allows you to experience a unique multi-sensory water experience. The shower jets will automatically, alternate the pleasure of 4 shower jets with different levels warmth, color, and intensity to envelope you with an enjoyable sensory and relaxing experience.